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  1. For the purpose of assigning an identity to a shopping cart once any items have been placed in it
  2. For the purposes of persisting a login session, so that you can log in and see your previous orders and manage your account
  3. So that, with the use of Google Analytics we can analyse how our website is being used, and what we can do to hopefully improve the customer experience.


When placing an order with Fine Art Prints on Demand the customer is asked to complete an order form on our secure webpage which requests their name, address, phone number and email address. This information is for the purposes of order fulfilment only.

We do not publish a newsletter. We do not maintain a mailing list.

We use Microsoft Clarity analytics to collect information on our website such as pages visited, length of time browsing and which links were clicked on within the website. This is to enable us to optimise our website and provides us with no information about the user merely what they have viewed.

We link to third-party service providers for the purpose of taking your payment. Once you click on "Go to our Secure Checkout" you are diverted to our Payment Service Provider (PSP), Stripe. Fine Art Prints on Demand see none of your bank details or card numbers nor are we able to access them.

Your order details are stored indefinitely for both us and you to access (if you choose to create an account rather than checkout as guest) but these show only the details requested for order fulfillment. Your saved galleries are also visible to us for customer service purposes.

Technical details on our site are handled by Gavin Vincent Web Design. (

Should you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or wish to see what information, if any, we have about you, then please contact us